Barbara Halliday

Apart from my current interest in moulding that I spoke about last week, I am also interested in art and neuroscience.  Some years ago I was listening to Pat Kenny on the radio interviewing Daniel Levitin discussing his new book ‘This is Your Brain on Music’.  I was completely absorbed in the conversation, so much so, that I bought the book.  Daniel Levitin was a record producer but now works as a neuroscientist.      Just a few months ago I also bought another book on art and neuroscience, The Age of Insight by Eric R. Kandel, which looks really interesting but, sadly I haven’t read either of these books yet.   Perhaps other folks in the group might find this subject of interest or maybe even have read the books and would like to discuss?

Gregg Dunne, also a neuroscientist has an interest in art and makes exciting artworks as can be seen on the attached link.

Last week I joined in the group discussing cosmology and it seemed quite interesting.  I only joined in towards the end for a short time, so I did my own research and came across these two sites, which have a lot of helpful information.   These sites are very new to me but probably not for the rest of the group.


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